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Friday, June 22, 2012

Create a Mobile Friendly Website

Notice how everyone is doing everything from their phones?  This includes visiting your massage website.  Is your website mobile friendly?

Here's a video tutorial on how to create a mobile version of your website for FREE.  (There's also a paid version - very reasonably priced - if you prefer some of the extras like click-to-call and ad-free.)  Sure beats hiring a professional for $500+ to create a mobile site for you!

Once you've created your mobile site, remember to follow the directions on the site to setup a redirect so your clients will auto-magically be taken to your mobile site when visiting from a phone.

Did you find this post helpful?  What other technology tutorials would you like to see?

Cindy Iwlew is co-founder of Bodywork Buddy Massage Software, a complete online management solution for independent massage therapists that includes online scheduling

She continues to operate her own private massage practice of 13 years.


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    1. You're welcome, Ginger! Hope you find it helpful :-)

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I don't see the video!

    1. Oh, sorry! Here's the link to Youtube:

  3. Thank you! I was just wondering how to do this! :)

    1. You're welcome, Laura. Glad you found it helpful!