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Monday, August 12, 2019

Is Your Practice LGBTQ+ Friendly?

A few months ago, the Buddies in our Bodywork Buddy Facebook Group had a great discussion about making sure our massage practices are welcoming to everyone.

The Bodywork Buddy massage software has an online intake form feature. Much of the form is customizable, allowing therapists to create their own questions to suite their business. However, some of the main contact info of the form is not editable. Normally not a problem, but members pointed out that one of those non-editable questions was gender - with only 3 options to choose from: male, female, or none specified.

I'm grateful to our Buddies for bringing this to our attention. We certainly didn't intend for this to be dismissive or non-inclusive in any way. The form was designed based on intake info built into the system at our start 10 years ago. There has certainly been huge strides made since then in education and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, and we're thrilled to have updated this area.

Our online intake form feature no longer includes a gender question in the non-editable area. Therapists can create an all-inclusive question on gender (as some states require the question be on the intake form) in the customizable section of the intake form.

We're as excited as Linda to have this update!

Gael Wood wrote a great article in Massage Magazine earlier this year detailing how to create a welcoming space to be inclusive. It's embedded below, I highly recommend reading it.