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Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Favorite Shoes To Wear For Massage

I used to work barefoot (for hands-on massage, not to be confused with doing barefoot massage), and while I loved it, my body did not love standing on a hard floor all day with no arch support.

Because I also do ashiatsu, I needed shoes that could easily be slipped on or off as well as easily cleaned and sanitized throughout the day if needed.

One of my clients told me about Oofos* sandals. I LOVE THESE SANDALS. They are perfect for working in. I just keep them at my office as my work shoes. My back and knees are so much happier since I've been wearing these!

Have you found an awesome pair of shoes to work in? Let us know in the comments.

best shoes for massage therapists to wear

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  1. I love these too. Better than Crocs!!

  2. i love wearing sandals around the house and to work in. Do they sell these in stores as well? Question for you- I took an Ashiatsu training course and loved it while practicing it in class on demo models and other students in the class. Fast forward about 5 years, I have only done it a few times. How do you keep your feet feeling soft, smooth and ready to go for barefoot massage when the need arises. Do you soak them the night before, the day off? Any tips. Thank you.

    1. HI STMassage! Great question. I file or pumice my feet every day in the shower (as well as monthly pedicures). I wear shoes/socks when I'm not working, even around the house most days. Plus having my feet in creme every day while I'm working helps. Hope this helps!