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Monday, November 21, 2016

5 Ways to Optimize Your Calendar

Within Bodywork Buddy, there's a few things you can do to make your life easier with your online calendar.

  • Icons *NEW FEATURE*
    The most recent addition is the feature of assigning an icon to specific services, so you can see at-a-glance what services you have scheduled.

    From dashboard > services > main > click on the service/service code > select icon > save.

    These icons will then show in the calendar in the confirmed appointments. (The day view always shows the service type in text, as well.)

  • Optimized Timeslots Feature
    Within BWB, you can choose to optimize your open timeslots. This means that clients scheduling online will only see openings you have immediately before or after existing appointments in your calendar. This feature cuts down on big gaps in your day, and helps you have more control over your schedule.

  • Set Buffer Times

    In your settings, you can adjust a default buffer time to be added between appointments automatically. Need only 15 minutes between appointments, or prefer 45 minutes? Adjust your settings accordingly and the online scheduler will automatically reflect that in your openings online. (You can always override these settings when scheduling clients yourself, if you choose to.)
  • Add Extra Buffer Time into Certain Services

    Want 30 minutes between appointments, but an hour in between when it's a hot stone massage? You can add that extra time into the service of hot stones itself, so that time is automatically built into the calendar when that service is scheduled.

  • Check/Uncheck Different Calendars

    In the upper right of the calendar, there is a gear icon. When you click on the gear, you can check or uncheck what calendars you want to show or be hidden. (Please note if you have an event or appointment that is "busy", that time will not show as available for an appointment even if you have it "hidden" on your calendar.)
    This feature can be a nice way to focus on just your work calendar at one time, or to hide the cancelled or missed appointments, or maybe show JUST your missed appointments to get a better feel for how much this is happening! (You can also run a report for that if you're really looking for the numbers.)

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