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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Member Spotlight: Mary Hardin

Today's member spotlight is Mary Hardin, advanced craniosacral practitioner and board certified polarity therapist. Mary's business is Ultrasonic Core Body Therapy in Culver City, California.

Q: What inspired you to be a bodyworker?
A: There's a concept in polarity therapy about "holding space." It's creating a space for you and the client that's in alignment for the highest good of both. It's like that feeling you get when everything is right in the world and you feel like your true self. It's something I loved about receiving the work and so I thought by doing the work I'd have an opportunity to be in that space more often.
Q: How long have you been doing bodywork?
A: I started studying Polarity and Craniosacral work 17 years ago and worked part-time at first and then started to this work full-time in 2010.
A; What is your favorite thing about being a bodyworker?
Q: My favorite thing about my work is seeing how the lives of the people I work with change for the better. Sometimes that's not something I see right away but months or years later they'll tell me what a profound effect a session had on their life.
Q: What do you feel is the most challenging issue for bodyworkers?
A: The most challenging issues is getting people to put their health and well-being at the top of their to-do list and to understand that bodywork will help improve the quality of their lives.
Try to imagine things from your client's perspective and offer what they're needing. I think it's important to make the whole experience as easy as possible for the client. Make it easy for them to find you, easy for them to schedule with you, easy for them to pay you.

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