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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is YOUR Site Ready for #MobileGeddon?

Not to sound too dramatic, but Google is changing the game beginning April 21st, 2015 and is going to start ranking search results by their mobile-friendliness. The internet has dubbed this #MobileGeddon. (I can't help but hear that phrase in my head with some big, scary voiceover similar to a thriller movie trailer with an ominous "DUNDUNDUN" at the end.) But despite the overuse of hashtags and armageddon references, this is actually serious and could affect your site's google search result rankings.

Here's an article that explains what this all could mean for your small business in more detail:

Not only is your website going to be affected, but also your online scheduler site. Even if your online scheduler is optimized for SEO, this new change could impact it's google rankings if it isn't mobile-friendly. Your site working on mobile devices isn't enough, it needs to pass the test by Google's standards of what they consider "mobile-friendly".

Here's a great tool to test your site's mobile-friendly rating by Google.

If you use Bodywork Buddy for your practice management software, your online scheduling microsite has an "awesome" rating, so no worries!

If your regular website doesn't pass the test, here's a few options to get ready for the change.

  • Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace all have inexpensive and easy website builders and their sites are mobile-friendly.
  • You can easily use your Bodywork Buddy microsite as your entire website, as it includes customizations to allow you to add your own images (or choices from our extensive image library of professional bodywork-related images), client reviews, map, etc as well as your online scheduler.

    Wondering what the Bodywork Buddy scheduler looks like? Check out Affinity Massage Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    We can even help you point your domain name to your microsite, just contact us and we'd be happy to help! 

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