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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exceeded Expectations

      • I thought that once I was out of school that would be it. I would have a trade and go on with my "job"! I learn new and exciting things everyday either from another therapist, my clients, my co-workers. I am always growing in my profession and the knowledge and experience available to me is truly limitless! Love what I do!

      •  Emotional it is very fulfilling. Financially, although I run a big shop, its still a struggle, but I am thankful. Physically, I am thankful to not have secretary spread from an office job. ;)

      •  I love how I learn something new from Every Body, AND some days what I learn is immediately applicable to someone else, like the universe tried extra hard to pull off awesome synchronicity :)

      •  yes it has! Never dreamed of being to be so successful that I could pay my mortgage, support my family and allow my wife to stay home with the kids and to still enjoy to do all the things in life I love. Plus being able to go to a job you love is beyond words!

      •  Its the most spiritually fulfilling job a person can have. I especially love the success stories that come from my rehab clients. When someone's carpal tunnel syndrome or migraines are relieved from my work. It's amazing! PLUS I have a flexible schedule which means I get to spend more time with my children. Super bonus!

      •  When I first started school, I thought I would just learn a trade. Little did I know that it was going to be my passion and be in love with my career. It's not only made me care more about my health, but become more compassionate for others. Truly am I blessed for being a therapist.

      •  I was sure how far my career would I have been practicing for 10 years. I even was blessed with an opportunity to teach for 4 years. Massage has opened many doors. I have been so graciously allowed to contribute to the massage community & can wait to see how many more years I will be blessed to contribute.

      •  Started in 1996!! Took a leave from 2003-2008! Had my first child...self employed renter in a small salon now!! Work 10-15 hours a week!! Kids NO daycare!! Work around husbands schedule!! Have retail products and massage and net 2500/month!! What more could a wife/mother ask for!

      •  My favorite part is when a person comes in bent with pain and WALKS out.

      •  This week, for the first time, a client broke down and cried on my table. It was unsettling at first, but she was so grateful to feel good in the midst of an emotionally taxing storm in her personal life. I'm so thankful to not only help people feel good physically, but to help release people from their mental and emotional pain as well. It is an absolute honor, and I hope to always be able to touch those who need it with love and compassion. ♥ I never knew that "work" could be such a reward before becoming an LMT.

      •  My favorite part of being a LMT is that a client walks/shuffles in, gets on my table, I work on their problem(s) and they are thanking me on the spot, and walking upright. Recently I had a woman who had been living with a pain in her shoulder for 8 months, and after 15 minutes of trigger point therapy it was gone. Another was a 12y/o boy who has had a stressful youth - problems sleeping, home life, etc. and at 12 y/o he was convinced nothing else would work, he fell asleep on my table and told his mom he wants to come back to see me. :) I love my career.

      •  Not crazy about starting out, spending more $ than I've made the past year. But....I love the happy, stress-relieved clients. What better job is that, where people always leave so happy?!

      •  On top of all the other great things about being self employed, helping many people every day, and being in love with the work itself, I didn't think it could be really lucrative, but I was wrong. It can be- and it is!

      •  ‎30+ years later, I'm still here. Every day I am humbled by how blessed I am to have broken out of the mold and followed my own path. Who knew? :)

      Pretty awesome, right?  So then as a followup, I

       asked (TWICE!) how a massage career has not 

      met expectations.  The response?


      Hm, I think that says a lot!

      How has massage exceeded your expectations?

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      She continues to operate her own private massage practice of 13 years.

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