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Monday, May 14, 2012

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

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If you're in an area that is saturated with massage therapists, it's important to set yourself apart from your competition.  There's a few simple ways you can do this.

  • Offer a unique technique.  
    Rather than market it as the modality, present it as a solution to your client's problem.
    There are so many different techniques out there - find something that intrigues you that no one else is doing in your area.
  • Position yourself as an expert.  
    A great way to do this is to write articles on massage / holistic health / etc for your local paper.  Create a blog to educate clients on the benefits of massage.
    Send out newsletters or e-newsletters to clients.  (Writing not your forte? ABMP has a great newsletter generator for you to send to clients.)
    Speak at events, conventions, etc. that are related to health and introduce the benefits of massage therapy.
  • Take customer service to the next level.
    Offer your clients more value with exceptional service.
    Promote extras or add-ons like paraffin dip, hot towels, aromatherapy, etc.
    (More ideas in this post on 10 Simple Ways to Wow Your Clients.)
  • Offer unique business hours.Is your competition offering evening or Sunday appointments?  Set yourself apart by offering convenient times that others don't.
  • Make it easy for clients to schedule with you.
    Offer online scheduling, phone, email, text as ways to contact you.
  • Have a web presence.
    A website is a necessity, in my opinion.  Stand out from the crowd by making yours awesome. (Beautiful design, interesting content, search engine optimization, online scheduling, blog.)
    Make sure you're not making any of these common mistakes.
  • Provide a unique specialty.
    Fill a need by offering same-day emergency appointments, or longer-than-usual sessions, or short, effective sessions.
  • Create a "Signature Treatment".
    Combine your two most popular services into one beautiful treatment that no one else offers.
  • Create a niche market.
    Focus on a certain clientele.  Prenatal for pregnant women, Stress-relieving treatments for agonized executives, recovery massage for athletes, etc.

What ways have you set yourself apart from the competition?  How has it helped your business?

Cindy Iwlew is co-founder of Bodywork Buddy Massage Software, a complete online management solution for independent massage therapists that includes online scheduling

She continues to operate her own private massage practice of 13 years, and has been an associate instructor for Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy since 2007.