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Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Two Most Important Subjects for Massage Therapists

Hi there!

What’s the most important subject for any wellness professional? I’ll give you a hint, they don’t teach much of it in school. Yep, it’s marketing…. Without it you likely won’t be able to build the wellness practice that you dreamed of when you started your career. It takes more than hands on talent to build a successful business, you need a marketing strategy, one that you love and doesn’t make you feel like a used car salesman!

And the other one, I would have to say self care, you can’t run a business if you are stressed out, burnt out, or in pain yourself. 

This is exactly why I am so excited to share the 2020 Global Wellness Professionals Marketing INSPIRE Summit with you. 

It’s a free three day virtual retreat event that includes over 25 presentations from 18 wellness professionals and marketing experts (Myself included!) to help you create a plan that not only works but is in alignment with your values, ideals and goals. You’ll have access to over 25 business presentations plus a Facebook “retreat” group.

We wish we could all get away to a beautiful location and hang out together, but this is the next best thing, so get your free ticket, mark your calendar, and join us for three days of being INSPIRED! with:

  • guided meditation 
  • yoga and self care classes 
  • networking and live Q&A’s with industry experts

Grab your free Cheat Sheet for massage therapists!

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