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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Member Spotlight: Patty Moore

Today's Bodywork Buddy member spotlight is Patty Moore of Mercer, Pennsylvania. Patty owns Greenfield Massage Studio.

Q: What inspired you to be a massage therapist?

A: As an athlete growing up, I received a lot of training in swimming, running, and jumping; what I didn't receive was good treatment to my muscles. I weight trained, and had some chiropractic care. When I watched the Olympics, some were helped by the trainers and some were getting Massage treatments. I knew then! What a fully focused treatment. Of course, these were world class athletes, not just the regular public or weekend warriors. They were getting a piece of the missing puzzle. Well rounded care. I knew some day I would be working in the Massage field.

Q: How long have you been doing massage?

A: Well since 1999! Sixteen years this September. 10 years I worked in the back of a nice salon. Then, my children went to college. We have a pretty big home, with 2 driveways, and a perfect area for clients. So, I have worked out of my house now for 6 years. I love it. I am in charge. I do not think I could work for anyone else again. It's perfect!

Q: What is your favorite thing about being an MT?

A: I love people, and I love helping people feel better. The best is when a "Newbie" comes in, and I get to educate them, show them some self care, and also give them great information on how and why to keep regular with their treatments. That is a Win-Win!!!

Q: What do you feel is the most challenging issue for massage therapists?

A: Educating clients and the public about professional Massage Therapy. Massage is extremely beneficial for almost 99% of the population. That means we have so much work to do. Some of our work is not just about a yearly spa visit, but about great, therapeutic massage treatment. We strive so hard to be living a healthy lifestyle, but most of the public neglects the muscular system. We have to compete with the monthly budget for hair, nails, tanning, and etc., however,  teaching our clients, and the public, about treating their bodies to massage is every bit as important as their hair and nails. So, I explain the benefits of sleep, healthy food, exercise and massage to every client that comes to me. Yes, I preach it to all those I encounter outside my studio too! It's our elevator/business speech. Such an important speech to have as well!

Q: What advice would you give to other MT’s to help build their business?

A: Be patient. Sell yourself, talk about your skills, demonstrate when you can. Give some stuff away free when you can or need. I did when I started out. I massaged every hand and shoulder than came into that beauty salon. The client's came. I donated to a few charity events, relay for life, and a few raffles. Be very choosey of your donations. When my schedule was filling up, I cut back on freebies. Find another massage therapist to trade with and be your buddy. Be confident and positive. Be friends with other massage therapists. Other business types don't always get you. We are unique! Take continuing education as much as you can. It's great to get away and renew yourself. Change up your routine at times, clients get sick of the same old thing. Separate yourself from other massage therapists in the community with your skills.  Upgrade as you can with your studio and tools. You will progress towards bigger and better things as your skills do. Keep you chin up!!! Always, always. always make time for your family and dog!

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