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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Integrated Stretching Harness (ISH)
I first met David Henre several years ago at the AMTA National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. It was in 2008, to be exact... wow 7 years ago!

He stopped by the Bodywork Buddy booth at the 2014 AMTA National Convention this past Fall in Denver, Colorado and brought us a bag of goodies - the Integrated Stretching Harness (ISH). David's timing was perfect as it was day 2 of the convention, Berin and I were really feeling the effects of standing on the convention floor all day in combination with spending our free time in Denver walking everywhere. My calves were screaming at me and the thought of standing in our booth for another 2 days was pretty daunting.

I put the ISH on my calf and let it work it's magic while I stood in our booth and talked to massage therapists about Bodywork Buddy. The difference it made in my legs was amazing. I felt so much better and had no problem standing on the convention floor all day. I wore it most of the day and alternated between each calf. I don't doubt that my body would have been much worse for the wear after that 2nd day were it not for David's ISH.

David explains that it works by pinning 2 points of pressure on a limb above or below the joint, changing the shape of the tissue. This allows the soft tissue being pinned to stretch while you go about your day.

The Integrated Stretching Harness is available for a variety of areas including:
What massage therapist couldn't use THIS? mmmm....
  • Hand/Foot
  • Forearm/Upper Arm/Lower Leg
  • Upper Leg
  • Shoulder
  • Hip/Glutes

A little bit about David:
Growing up in Colorado running cross country, climbing, bouldering, road and mountain biking, and alpine and telemark skiing (doing just about everything The Rockies provide access to!) helped fuel David's appreciation for what gives him the ability to enjoy outdoor activities: strength and health.

In 1991, David cracked vertebrae and compressed and broke a disc in his back. The threat that he may be paralyzed and his lengthy healing process after surgery sparked his interest in fitness and alternative medicine.

"Nobody needs to live in pain. I feel very strongly about this. It's why I got into fitness in the first place," David says.
In 1995, David achieved Personal Training Certification through the National Federation of Professional Trainers.

The ISH is a winner in our book. Many thanks to David for helping us out at the convention by bringing us several!
Learn more about ISH and order one at or visit their Facebook page.

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