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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Network Marketing for MT's - Guest Post by Jess Weagle

There are many massage therapists would like to expand their business, but don’t want employees. And are trying to find a way to enjoy some passive income from their website and don’t know where to start.

And let’s face it, being a solo LMT isn’t the best long standing business model either. If you get hurt or can’t work you are SOL without a backup plan.

The great thing about a network marketing company is that people have to buy from a rep, and that gives the solo business owner a great advantage. I like to think of going this route no different than
buying into a franchise. Just like a franchise you need to buy into the name and there are franchise fees. But joining a network marketing company cost a lot less capital!

Joining a network marketing company takes care of all those problems and can be a great option for your back up plan. The industry however, has a bad rap with a lot of people. But just give me a moment of your time and I will explain a way to integrate network marketing products into your practice that is classy, won’t offend clients, and add extra money to your bank account.

Your first task is to find a product line that you believe in and will stand behind, there are so many to pick from you just need to decide what direction you would like to go. Here were my must haves when I was researching companies.

1 – Must have products that I can use during a massage

2 – Be able to sell the products retail

3 – Have an online store and be able to blog about the different products

If any of my must haves weren’t meant the company was out!

You also need to be ready to spend money to join there are quite a few that you can join for just $35, but you will also need to spend money on product every month and the amount varies from company to company. And don’t ever feel like to need to buy a big fancy kit. So that is something you need to plan for, but if you are proactive you can meet that requirement by selling that as retail.

Having their online store is also a great way to sell the products online and have them shipped to the person’s home without having to worry about having product in stock and shipping. Network marketing companies also have all the marketing material done for you for a small fee. So your clients can take home a professional looking catalog and order products when they are ready or they can add what they want into your monthly order.

A lot of people complain that the mark up isn’t high enough version traditional retail. Which is true, but if get enough reps under you that will pay for your products that you need to buy. But you just don’t have anyone sign up as a rep. Don’t ask your clients to join (keep your clients as your retail buyers) that’s just tacky and could cause problems down the road. Instead focus on other holistic business owners. Talking to random people about your business opportunity is just wrong on so many levels and you would never market your massage business that way. So market your network marketing company just like your massage business, know your ideal retail customer and rep.

And in doing lots of research on different companies I found most of them have a great support system you just need to take the time and look for what you need or ask the person that signed you up for help.

If you play your cards right pick a great product line for your business within a year you could be gain same great passive income.  And this will help to the take pressure off of always having to worry about finding new clients and can recession proof your business. And bringing in a product line will help to attract different clients into your business.

Jess Weagle has been an LMT since 2001. 
She owns Deep Relief Massage Therapy in West Boylston, MA. 
You can also check her fan page

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