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Friday, August 2, 2013

How I made over $10,000 in one day

Today's post is from guest blogger Hillary Arrieta of in Richardson, Texas.

Summer time is here and for many massage therapists its a time of struggle. Clients go out of town or get busy with family activities and don't make time for their regular massage routines. I've come up with a summer strategy that I've been perfecting for the last few years. This plan allows me to make mad cash and also have a full book for the summer. While not every strategy is one size, fits all - Today, I'm going to share MY secrets with you!

First and foremost- YOU MUST- MUST! Build an email list. Your current clients are your best commodity. Some people think that email is dead- But I'm here to tell you that email is very much alive and kicking

SO Step #1- Build a solid email list and email them often. I actually email once a week (full disclosure from the start- I let them know to expect it) and use a fun little program called mail chimp - Its free and easy. 
Don't believe me? check out what Marie Forleo has to say about email lists and overcoming your fear about email TOO much.

Okay so now you have an awesome email list- WOOHOO! Easy marketing!

Step #2 is build an active social media presence. Get people to interact on your Facebook and Twitter accounts- This way they will get your posts about your sale in their hot little news feeds. I do this by asking "getting to know you" Type questions- Who doesn't like talking about themselves?! 
I've noticed that anytime I ask a question about food- "what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?" or animals- "are you a dog person or a cat person?" I get lots of engagement! 

Okay- so now you are all set up for success-

My secret is this - Every year on the first day of summer I hold an annual summer sale on my massage packages. It's for one day ONLY- no extensions. Get it! This allows for a sense of urgency to be created. I take an entire month to promote it. That way, people can get their cash together and can plan on spending big money. 

I create a webpage on my site specifically devoted to this sale and set up an online store. On the Sale date, I email the link and post it continuously on social media using hootsuite - another great program - and let everyone know they have a limited time to buy at this price. I send another email one hour before the sale ends as a "last call." When the time runs out, I simply delete the webpage and the sale is over. Brilliant!

For me, It works like a charm.

This year, in less than 24 hours, I raked in over my goal - which was $10K.
I set my goal super high and exceeded it!!!
How exciting for me:)

My clients purchase the packages and scoot on over to my online booking site (Bodywork Buddy, of course) and book my calendar up.

It takes planning and knowing your client needs and wants. Creating a strategy instead of winging it can make all the difference.

So get out there and make a plan for success!

And tell me,
What do you do to hype up your business during slow season??

Hillary owns  Gaia Bodywork in Richardson TX. and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2004.

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