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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Twist on How to Take Product Pictures

I came across a great idea on Pinterest last week with tips on how to take some awesome pictures of your product for retail.  

The tutorial includes a black notebook for the product to sit on, a light, and something to filter the light. I was planning to follow this and see how they turned out... but today while I was at the office, I decided to just wing it and work with what I had.

I didn't have a light, but it was a fairly sunny day and I setup about 10 feet from my windows.  I didn't use anything to filter the light since I was just using sunlight.

I didn't have anything for the black notebook, and I also had the issue of the product not being as tall as the Pinterest example.  I played around with different items to add the height I needed, and settled on a jar of Sombra.  (though this pic isn't showcasing the Sombra, it's also a product I love! It was just pure coincidence that it was the perfect booster for the other product I was photographing - Young Living Oils roll-on.)

I chose a bokeh wallpaper pic for my background on my laptop.  (I simply did a google image search for bokeh wallpaper.)

Here's what the setup looked like:

I am not a photographer.  But I didn't think it turned out half bad.  I used Instagram on my iPhone.
With a few selections within instagram, here's the final shot.

I still plan to do some shots including the details from the Pinterest post.  I think this could definitely be improved with a filter so there isn't the bit of glare.  But nice to know you don't need a special light or anything to do some decent pics.  Not bad for 2 seconds at my office and no real equipment.

Do you have any great tips for taking your own pics of product?  I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments.

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