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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspiring Others With Massage

You just never know what kind of influence you may have on others.

Massage Therapy
Your touch has a remarkable impact
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Yesterday, I saw a client who I have only seen once before.  She had received a massage from me about 5 years ago.  I do remember her, and I remember that she enjoyed the session... but that is about it.  It didn't appear to be some life-changing experience or anything, and I never saw her again.

Yet, she came in yesterday telling me that massage inspired her to go to massage school, and that she has thought of me often in the past 5 years.  Wow!  She went on to say how wonderful this journey has been for her, and that it all started with that massage.

This made me stop and think: just how much are we affecting people's lives every day, and maybe not even being aware of the significance?  After a while, massages day-in and day-out, it starts to become routine and is our 'normal', and perhaps it's easy to forget how much this massage means to our client on the table.

It was a great reminder to me, and her excitement about massage therapy was refreshing.

Recognize that your touch has a remarkable impact, and you're likely affecting your clients in ways you can't imagine.

If you've been in the field for a while, consider mentoring a student or new therapist.  Not only will you help them grow as a therapist, but they will help you remember the magic in this work.

Cindy Iwlew is co-founder of Bodywork Buddy Massage Software, a complete online management solution for independent massage therapists that includes online scheduling. She continues to operate her own private massage practice of 13 years, and has been an associate instructor for Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy since 2007.

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