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Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Practice

I've been using Bodywork Buddy for my practice management for about 8 months now.  Wow, it has totally simplified my bookkeeping.  Before, I was using a quirky program that had a mind of it's own - if I wasn't careful, it was easy to lose all the information I had just entered.  Talk about frustrating!!  It wasn't web-based either, so I could only use it on my office computer (which happens to be a laptop) but that still meant lugging my laptop home on a regular basis to get caught up on bookkeeping... unless of course I wanted to spend that extra time at the office away from my family.
What I love about Bodywork Buddy is that I can access it from any computer with internet access.  So, I can do some paperwork while at the office, then I can head home and continue where I left off after having spent some time with my family.  No need to be stuck at the office, or drag my laptop home with me.  I can pay my business bills with my online banking, and immediately enter them into my expenses on Bodywork Buddy all while drinking my coffee in the early quiet morning hours.  It really helps to keep me up-to-date on my bookkeeping, no more procrastinating because I don't want to be stuck at the office.
This massage software is SO USER FRIENDLY.  I've always said "I'm high touch, not high tech!!"  With Bodywork Buddy, I don't need to be a computer whiz, it's so simple and easy to use.  And it doesn't freak out on me and lose info I just spent 5 minutes entering.
The system is really designed for the small massage practice.  There are other online based systems out there that are meant for huge up-scale spas, and the pricing reflects that!  We know that you're a one-man show... private practitioners are often the MT, the janitor, the receptionist, the laundry specialist, the marketing director, the bookkeeper, and the list goes on!!  You are busy, wearing many hats.  Bodywork Buddy is designed with you in mind - simplifying your practice management so you can focus on what you love - Massage Therapy!  All while being very reasonably priced, helping you keep your overhead low. 

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